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Here come the inevitable stories of the hard-working, under-paid, skeeved out TSA workers and their sorry lot in life.  “Don’t be mean to them!  They’re only doing their job.” Objective, make you feel ashamed of being a big baby for whinging about strangers fondling your coin-purse.

... about $14 per hour ... part-timers, who make up 37% of the screener workforce at O’Hare, typically have to work four-hour days for at least three years before they’re considered for full-time… start at $29,000, [for] full-time… $500 a month for the TSA’s healthcare plan.

..."The work life here is horrible,” ... Turnover is like a “revolving door” ... health benefits are “atrocious,” ...Morale is low and so is the pay…

That ain’t so attractive.  What other choices are there?

[In & Out minimum starting wage] $10.00 an hour [plus] flexible schedules to accommodate school and other activities, paid vacations, free meals, comprehensive training, and a 401k plan. For our full time Associates, we provide a benefits package that also includes medical, dental, vision, life and travel insurance coverage…

On average, our Store Managers earn just under $120,000 a year.


But… But…

“We just want the passengers to understand: Look, we’re not perverts or anything like that; we just have to search everything,” said Rick McCoy, the senior TSA officer at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. ”We’re not here to be abused. We’re just here to help you get on your flight and go about your business.”

Things have gotten extra-tough for the officers lately, since the TSA initiated its controversial pat-down procedure…

Getcher kleenex out.

“It is not comfortable to come to work knowing full well that my hands will be feeling another man’s private parts, their butt, their inner thigh.  Even worse is having to try and feel inside the flab rolls of obese passengers and we seem to get a lot of obese passengers!”

“Do you think I want to go to work and place my hands between women’s legs and touch their breasts for a few hours? For starters, I am attracted to men, not women and if I was attracted to women, it would not be the large number of passengers I handle daily that have a problem understanding what personal hygiene is.”…

“I was asked by some guy if I got excited touching scrotums at the airport and if it gave me a power thrill. I felt like vomiting when he asked that. ....”

Hory Clap!  WE hate it.  THEY hate it.  What the hell is the problem?!?

screeners [say] they’re “demeaned” by the pat-down procedure, which they describe as “ineffective.”

OMG!  demeanedScreeners say they are demeaned by the procedure.  And I don’t doubt it.

But the message from their betters superiors?

“We’re reminding people that these agents didn’t create the policy,” said John Gage, president of the American Federation of Government Employees…

Did you create the policy, Mr Gage?  No?  Shaddap.

“Taking out your frustration on them is inappropriate.”

I said Shaddap! And you’re worng.  It’s highly appropriate. They, like WE, are American Citizens.  Not subjects: Citizens.  Which means WE [including TSA screeners] are the Responsible Adults in this country.  WE are the Boss and it’s our job to tell our employees when they’ve gone off the deep end.  Which means that if a fellow Citizen is screwing up, it is the responsibility of other citizens to help him see the error of his ways.

No, not by slapping him upside the head with your mackerel, but by discussing the merits of the 4th Amendment, the lack of merits of the procedure at hand *cough* and encouraging him to think long and hard about what he is choosing to do.  I say choosing because I am aware that TSA agents are not conscripted nor enslaved.

If you work for TSA and you find the pat-down procedure to be “demeaning” and “ineffective” WTF are you doing?!?  You are an American Citizen:  stand up on your hind legs and refuse* to jingle a fellow citizen’s grundle for no good reason. Demand that your bosses come up with a better screening idea or quit and seek employment elsewhere. 

Your bosses are doing the same thing to you that they’re doing to the flying citizenry: demeaning US all—for no good reason—just because we let them get away with it.

“Demeaning and ineffective” is no way to fight iSlamofascism.  They’re giggling at US now, but they’re highly unlikely to laugh themselves into a more toooolerant frame of mind.

And besides, Mr Gage; “just following orders” was discredited as a defense about 65 years ago.

*OT: same to you IRS agents.  Same principle:  different post.

Claire, Ideologically Stubborn Heatist Ruralite Claire, Ideologically Stubborn Heatist Ruralite
11/23 at 08:50 PM •
(30) Say it, don't spray it...*link*
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